Nov 282013
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Serving Up a Warm Welcome

On Thursday 21 November, the children in Year 2 held a Bring and Buy sale to raise funds to buy warm winter clothing for the cleaners and gardeners at the Saar campus.

The children chose the cleaners and gardeners as the beneficiaries of their service project this year and had written to parents asking them to help dig out pre-loved toys and books. They then made posters and wrote emails in ICT time to parents and Year 1 children, and decided how much to charge for the items when they started rolling in by the carload. By the time the sale started there were tables overflowing with some fabulous donated items.

As soon as the doors opened, parents and children came flooding in – it was like the start of the Harrods January Sales! At one point there were around 350 people in the Activity Street jostling for bargains. With that many people in a small area the temperature shot up. Within minutes EVERYTHING was sold out, after some amazing sales patter from our very persuasive sales people. We had expected to raise around BD100 but after just 15 minutes we had made in excess of BD290!

Thank you to all the children in Year 2 who donated their toys and worked so hard to sell them, and to the parents for their support with this event.