Nov 282013
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Bringing the Backdrop to the Foreground

On Friday 25 October and Friday 1 November, an enthusiastic team of Year 10 to Year 13 students demonstrated their excellent teamwork skills in painting the backdrop for the School Production of  The Boy Friend. The students showed dedication, skill and commitment, so much so, the team managed to finish the project one week earlier than scheduled. Thank you to the following students and staff: Tehniyat Baig, Isabella Upward, Tehreem Baig, Renee Morales, Ellen Goode, Michaela Badro, Nadia Hujair, Nansi Morgan, Farah Dailami, Farah Khan, Lauren Mattam, Fatema Buhazza, Ameerah Qureshi, Zain Al Sharaf, Amal Ahmed, Celine Vaandrager, Charlotte Vaandrager, Areeba Fawad, Georgine Botha, Fay Kazrooni, Abeer Loan, Yumna Khan, Barbara Oravecz, Razan Engineer, Latifa Al Bin Ali, Ben Faux and Joe Mulleague for all their hard work.