Nov 282013
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Brain Power

Gold Award Winners L to R: Anirud, Basel, Zaid, Manaf, Alaa and Bassam with Mr Wilson

In the recent Senior School UK Maths Challenge for Years 12 and 13, St Christopher’s obtained 6 Gold, 8 Silver and 12 Bronze Certificates.  Zaid Al Alwawi obtained “Best Student” in Year 13.  Anirud Gupta achieved the same for Year 12 and also “Best in School”.

Best in Year winners: Anirud and Zaid with Mr Bonar

Here is one of the questions:

The numbers 2, 3, 12, 14, 15, 20, 21 may be divided into two sets so that the product of the numbers in each set is the same. What is the product?

A  420    B  1260    C  2520    D  6720    E  6350400

Remember – No Calculators Allowed!

Participating students commented “The event proved hard, complex, yet interesting. The questions were challenging and presented a different and refreshing twist to Mathematics and logic. They allowed you to work with methods you don’t normally work with. It was highly enjoyable”.