Feb 062014
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Qualifying Round of Brains of Bahrain  

For the second consecutive year, more than 50 teams of budding General Knowledge experts convened in Ex1 in an attempt to qualify for the St Christopher’s Senior School Quiz Competition, Brains of Bahrain.  On the 8 December, we welcomed almost 250 students from across Years 7 to 13 and, as a new addition, four staff teams joined in with the excitement.  The qualifying quiz, which determined the seeding for the knockout stages currently running, was another huge success, and students and teachers alike got to grips with questions ranging from world politics, the history of Bahrain and Miley Cyrus.  With the final scheduled for March, the key unanswered question is who will take on the crown as Champions of Brains of Bahrain 2014 following The Wunderdogs’ resounding victory last year…and can anyone stop the staff teams in their challenge to beat the students?