Feb 062014
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World Scholar’s Cup 

On Saturday 25 January, 75 students from Years 7 to 12 took part in the first World Scholar’s Cup Competition at St Christopher’s. The students, in teams of three, engaged in a range of activities including Debating, Persuasive Writing and a General Knowledge Quiz. The event was overseen by Adrian Walker, Assistant Head of Senior School, and three officials from the World Scholar’s Cup organisation, Patrick McDonald, Nathan Levin and Daniel Berdichevsky, the organisation’s founder. The Junior Trophy was awarded to Elizabeth Caley, Pireh Moosa and Daniel Todd, and the Senior Trophy was awarded to Anuja Jaiswal, Rea Karani and Narmada Venkateswaran. Alex Pafford was the highest scoring individual not in a winning team and she was awarded the highly sought after Alpaca, which is the mascot of the World Scholar’s Cup. Rea Karani reports: As Daniel Berdichevsky, the Founder, sprinted in to the School Hall and threw stuffed Alpaca toys at his colleagues and then at the audience, we knew that this would not be a run-of-the-mill, cliché competition. Thanks to the entertaining and unconventional entrance of Mr Berdichevsky, we were eager to begin the competition. There were a variety of topics that we discussed, from everything to whether art should have borders, whether or not larger people should pay more to ride on airplanes to whether Russia should be happy about global warming. We took away a lot from this competition and picked up new knowledge.

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