Feb 062014
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Year 5 and 6 Long Distance Swimming Awards

On Friday 17 January, Year 5 and Year 6 pupils participated in their long distance swimming awards. These awards were open to all pupils in those year groups and 14 pupils swam to reach or exceed their intended goal. The pupils were trying to gain certificates and badges from 400m to 5000m.  We are pleased to say that every student hit their goal and some exceeded it by quite a long way. 

Congratulation to the following pupils:
Ben Harrison-Mirfield 5E 400m
Ayse Atak 5A 5000m
Laura Adamson 5A 5000m
Eve Kenna 5A 5000 m
Farah van der Kooi 5A 5000 m
Amalie Nielsen 5A 5000 m
Emilia Mousa 6B 400m
Sienna Wortley 6F 2000m
Rafae Mian Cudmore 6D 2000m
Isobel Leap 6E  3000m
Beatrice Tinsley 6E 3000m
Maddie Harrison Mirfield 6A  5000m
Digby Rushton 6B 5000m
Danielle Doherty 6B 5000m


As you can imagine it takes a great deal of stamina and endurance to swim 800m (32 lengths) let alone 5000m (200 lengths). What an excellent achievement!  We will be holding Year 3 and Year 4 long distance awards in the summer term.

Long swim awards collage