Feb 062014
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Raising Money for Tony the Dogfather’s Vet Account


Mufti Days at St Christopher’s contribute to a range of important and worthy causes. This year’s end of Term 1 Mufti Day, raised BD347.000 which has been donated to Tony’s personal vet account at the Hamala Veterinary Clinic. Tony’s selfless actions in terms of caring for injured or abandoned animals, and his hard work in providing them with a stable and loving shelter, require the public’s help and support. The theme of the Mufti Day on the 12 December 2013, coincided with Bahrain’s National Day, and allowed students to wear the colours of the National Flag or Bahraini dress. The donations of 500fils per student, from Years 7 to 13, enable Tony to neuter and spay cats and dogs, as well as provide them with vaccinations. It will also help to pay for operations for those who are severely injured. Supporting Tony through this Mufti Day will not only raise awareness of Tony’s work, but also involve students in global issues relating to animal welfare. We would like to thank all the students who donated on the Mufti Day – they have helped Tony significantly!

Aaliyah Malla 6JPE

Community Service Leadership Team