Feb 062014
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Royal Dialogue

Last week 5C received a very important letter from Kensington Palace, London. It was to thank us for a poem we sent to celebrate the Christening of Prince George, son of TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The children were obviously very excited (as was I) and we wait with anticipation to see the letter, photograph, and our poem framed and placed somewhere prominent in the school.

As part of one of our poetry lessons into the use of poetic techniques, we learnt to write a line for the acrostic poem. Everyone wrote one line each. Can you see what it spells?

Here is a copy of our poem which we write for Prince George:

Pride of all Britain and centre of all hearts,
Royal heir of a family that has been respected for all time,
Imperial appearance of British curtness,
Nation praying for a happy upbringing,
Cute chubby cheeks, just like his father,
Emerging to the throne when he is older,

Great royal life with our glorious royal family,
Elizabeth, our queen, a proud great-grandmother,
Opulent christening gown of ivory silk,
Respected and cherished the whole world over,
God bless our dear little prince,
Everyone rejoices as the crown is secured for another generation,

Outstandingly adorable, the Duchess’s joy,
Fantastic day for a nation to celebrate,

Cautiously watching him as he sleeps safe at night,
Ambitious personality filled with enthusiasm,
Magnificent royal addition,
Beautiful gown, a replica of Queen Victoria’s,
Royal and bonny on his mother’s knee,
Involved grandparents, Prince Charles is so proud,
Days spent at Kensington Palace or even Clarence House,
George, Prince of Cambridge, will be a fantastic future king,
England will be filled with glory when he reigns!