Nov 132014
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Shooting the Shuttle

During the recent tournament at IKNS, both groups of students emerged successful. In total, throughout both competitions, the students achieved six Gold Ribbons and five Silver Ribbons. A huge congratulations to all our winners and we hope to see them back competing next year. For many of the students this was their first experience playing outside of St Christopher’s School Badminton Club. For our youngest competitors this was a great learning curve and they showed resilience to overcome players who were older and more proficient. I am sure this will encourage them to train harder and focus on next year’s tournament where they will build upon this experience.


The results were as follows:

Junior Girls Junior Girls
1st Place: Mukulita Chakravarty (St Chris) 1st Place: Dani Doherty/ Mukulita Chakravarty (St Chris)
2nd Place: Reema Al Majed (IKNS) 2nd Place: Hana/ Ghia (BSB)
Intermediate Girls Intermediate Girls
1st Place: Nesley Darweesh (Raja) 1st Place: Nada Hammad/ Gayatri Rana (St Chris)
2nd place: Mariam Sadadi (IKNS) 2nd Place: Noor Esbai/ Jessica Alef (IKNS)
Senior Girls Senior Girls
1st Place: Nilushi Dabare (BSB) 1st Place: Rumi Itakuru/ Aishwarya Rana (St Chris)
2nd Place: Anna John (St Chris) 2nd Place: Nada Bastaki/ Maryam Matar
Junior Boys Junior Boys
1st Place: George Baxter (BSB) 1st Place: Mohame Deeb/ Karim Abu- Mulhem (BSB)
2nd Place: Khalid Shater (IKNS) 2nd Place: Riddhiman Mehra/ Abhinav Sharna (St Chris)
Intermediate Boys Intermediate Boys
1st Place: Amartya Sarkar (St Chris) 1st Place: Yousif Dhaif/ Roha Sharma (St Chris)
2nd Place: Ahmed Khan (St Chris) 2nd Place: Isa Taqi/ Mohamed Shater (IKNS)
Senior Boys Senior Boys
1st Place: Bader Juma (IKNS) 1st Place: Yousif Mehza/ Yasser Al Salah (IKNS)
2nd Place: Alex Key (St Chris) 2nd Place: Ayoob Jameel/ Anirud Gupta (St Chris)