Nov 132014
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Meeting the Healthy Challenge

Health & Fitness Week 004

We had a great time during Health and Fitness Week with lots of different activities! Each morning children, parents, maids and drivers gathered on the Tiger Turf for an energising wake up of aerobics to some great music! Each morning routine got our hearts racing and tested even the most co-ordinated!

HF 1

Break times were also a test of fitness when Infants challenged their teachers to beat them at a minute of jumping jacks. The Junior children challenged their teachers to the bleep test. Many thanks to Miss Bataineh, Mr Evans and Mr Churchill for challenging the Infants and great thanks to Mr Ross, Mr Dawson, Mrs Thomas, Mr Brandreth, Mr Marshal, Mr V and Mr Dales for laying down the gauntlet in the Junior bleep tests. Break times also saw a food frenzy in the Junior Hall! A big thank you to Mr Wilkins and Mrs Dales for the healthy food tasting and great recipe handouts.


The week ended in a fun-packed assembly that showed a video round up of the week and a House challenge between SPARTA’s coaches Simon for Falcon and Kyle for Osprey; Mr V for Kestrel and Miss Bataineh for Merlin. Technology abound, the iPad and iPhone were hooked up to the big screen. The ‘Human Body’ app showed the children what the inside of the heart looks like and what actually happens when we exercise. The contestants had their heart rate taken prior to the assembly of which Mr V had the lowest. Using the ‘Instant Heart Rate’ app on the iPhone, our contestants’ heart rate was taken immediately after they had done 1 minute of jumping jacks. This showed the children how hard the heart works when we exercise. Mr V came out on top, managing 84 jumps in a minute, and with the lowest heart rate, does that meant we can say he’s the fittest?! A big thank you to everyone involved! It was a fabulous week of health and fitness!