Nov 132014
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A Great Success!

Meeraal Zaheer, Year 12, reports that October at St Chris is always an important month as the School aims to increase staff and student awareness of Breast Cancer. The month is filled with various activities and stalls that encourage people to support the Breast Cancer Foundation. In Reception, students and staff are greeted with the opportunity to buy different types of Think Pink Shirts, ranging from peach V-necks to Fuchsia Polos. The wide range of options definitely encouraged more sales, and we raised a total of BD400 just from the shirts themselves! Half way through the month, all the shirts were sold out! Each Thursday, students of different years would bake treats to sell, adding to the money we raised for the Foundation. The whole school would anticipate the end of the week, ready to buy things from the Bake Sale. Throughout the month, students walked around the school, selling Think Pink ribbons, made by Latifa Al Bin Ali, further supporting the cause.

Think Pink1

Sixth Form Girls were invited to attend a presentation on Thursday 23 October by Mrs Galiena Verton who is currently the Bahrain Breast Cancer Support Group Co-ordinator. Galiena has an MSc in Medical Ethics, Health and Law and is now completing her PhD. The presentation was very favourably received and served to heighten awareness of the importance of early detection. The students were provided with opportunities to ask a range of questions and we are hoping that Galiena will be able to return on a further occasion to speak to students in Years 10 and 11.

Breast Cancer Presentation1

On the 16 October, we held ‘Think Pink Day’, dedicated completely to the cause. The day was filled with various activities that students and teachers could enjoy. Not only did we sell shirts and have a Bake Sale, but during break, there were two extra activities for the students to explore. In the Dance Studio, we had Aerobics and Dancing for students and staff to join in and enjoy. Additionally, there was a ‘Sponge the Teacher’ stall, in which a total of 12 teachers participated, to raise money. The day turned out to be a huge success!  In the end, the school raised a total of BD2103.870. We would like to thank the students and staff involved in the organization and for all their efforts and contributions! Without them, none of this would have been possible. Next year will be even better.

Think Pink2