Nov 132014
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Even a Cyclone didn’t Stop Them

At 17.10, on the 28 October, there was an excited buzz at Bahrain International Airport, as 56 Year 8 students and 6 teachers from St Christopher’s School gathered to embark on their camping adventure to Oman, which was to last five days.   After a smooth outbound flight, we arrived in Oman to be greeted by representatives of GET Edventure Travel, who were hosting the trip.  A short drive brought us to a farm in Barka where we were to spend the next three nights.


We were up bright and early on the first morning, about 6.30 am, in order for students to complete all of the day’s designated activities, which involved completing the PADI skin diving qualification, orienteering and mountain biking practice, as well as a cultural trip to the impressive Nakhal Fort and the nearby hot springs.  A particular source of entertainment at the hot springs were the feet nibbling fish, which gave students and staff a pedicure for free!  The second day saw another early start as we made our way to the coast for breakfast on a traditional Omani dhow followed by a day of water sports.  Kayaking, fishing and snorkelling were on the menu during the day, but in the evening on the barbecue, some of the day’s catch supplemented the feast: three substantial mackerel courtesy of our star fishermen, Maxime Addison, Tommy McPhail and Ben Brandreth.


After three nights of camping at the farm, we made our way to Jebel Shams resort, via a short visit to Nizwa Fort and souk.  The last part of the journey was made in four by fours as the mountains climbed to the summit of 2,100 metres.  The views were tremendous as we moved further into the mountains and approached the remote area of the Jebel Shams Canyon. Once at Jebel Shams resort, we set up camp, had supper and prepared for Halloween festivities, which were unfortunately rained off after the three legged mummy race!  So it was early to bed as the rain swept across the mountains. Abseiling, climbing, mountain biking and trekking were the order of the day the next morning with all students having the opportunity to participate in all activities.  On the final day, we finished the last rotation of activities before heading for the airport for our flight.  We could measure the success of the trip by the number of students who just did not want to leave, many describing it as, “The best trip ever!” And so we returned to Bahrain… exhausted adventurers but all promising ourselves that we would return soon.