Nov 182015
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St Christopher students dominate annual Badminton Championship held at IKNS

Twenty seven students from St Chris entered the Junior, Intermediate and Senior categories for both Singles and Doubles. The competition also involved students from BBS, BSB and MKS.

The winners from St Christopher’s were:

Junior Girls Singles:

1st Place: Srikrithi Sridhar (8H)

2nd Place: Ranjani Ramprasad (7C)

3rd Place: Advika Ravi Kumar (8A)

Junior Girls Doubles:

1st Place: Sophia Lord and Eva Subsol (both from 8G)

2nd Place: Latifa Al Khalifa (8F) and Celine Abuzahra (8C)


Junior Boys Doubles:

1st Place: Luanga Kasanga (8F) and Luke Bennett (8D)

3rd Place: Ross Grobler (8E) and Aiden Jones (8F)

Intermediate Girls Singles:

1st Place: Manni Zhang (9C)

2nd Place: Sripradha Srinivasan (9H)

Intermediate Boys Singles:

3rd Place: Nicolas Subsol (10E)

Intermediate Boy’s doubles:

1st Place: Muhammad Hamza Nouman (10F) and Bradley Altman (9F)



Senior Girls Doubles:

1st Place: Anna John (13C) and Camille Grefaldia (13I)

2nd Place: Aishwarya Khrishnan (12E) and Arpitha Yoga Narasimha (12H)

Senior Boys Singles:

1st Place: Matthew Koshy (12I)

2nd Place: Yousuf Qamar           (13G)

Congratulations to all of the winners and we look forward to seeing you at Badminton Club on Wednesdays during lunch.