Nov 182015
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Around Bahrain

On the 19 October, the Year 11 GCSE Geography students went on a field trip along the Bahrain Tourism Corridor. The purpose of the field trip was to collect data and take images for the Controlled Assessment on Tourism, which is part of the GCSE course and relates to the Chapter called ‘A Tourist’s World’. The Controlled Assessment is 25% of the final GCSE Geography Grade.


On the actual day of the expedition, students were split into two separate groups, Mr Taylor’s class and Ms Reilly’s class started at the Manama Souq whilst Mr Hobday’s and Miss Pickering’s class started down at Al Jazayer Beach. The students left school at 8:10am and went to these different locations: Al Jazayer Beach, Al Areen Wildlife Park, Lost Paradise of Dilmun, Riffa Views and Manama Souq. At those different locations the students had to collect several types of data, ranging from EQSs (Environmental Quality Surveys) to Field Sketches to Questionnaires to Geo Tagging for GIS.


The data collected by the students will then be collated by the students in their Controlled Assessments and will be used to answer their hypotheses on whether tourism has had a positive and/or negative impact on the environment in Bahrain. Halfway through each trip we visited the Royal Golf Club and were given a talk by Sue Addison about the impact that the club has on the environment in Bahrain. We then went out onto the 18th fairway to undertake our EQS and Field Sketches. Mr Hobday enjoyed this part of the trip the most and tried to get us to come and play his favourite sport!! After having completed all the data collection, students were allowed to have lunch at either the Manama Souq or near the BIC depending on which group they were separated into. At 2:00pm, the students then left their final locations and returned to school. ~ Cecilie Blankholm 11F