Nov 182015
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It’s “Swim like a Falcon”

The Senior School held their House Swimming Gala on the 20 October 2015. Once again the weather suddenly become very hot and humid. However, this did not put off our Swimmers with some excellent individual performances with 12 School Records broken on the day. Falcon House were crowned overall winners and led the Gala from the start, achieving 427 points on the day. Two individual swimmers need to be mentioned: Cheyma La Falher and Shane McCarthy produced a superb display and were awarded with the outstanding Swimmers of the Day Award. Congratulations to all swimmers who took part and also a big thank you to the Heads of House and parents who came to watch.



Position House Points
1st Falcon 427
2nd Osprey 383
3rd Merlin 368
4th Kestrel 319



50m Front Crawl 7 Laura Adamson F Falcon 32.66
50m Breaststroke 7 Farah van der Kooi F Merlin 42.8
25m Butterfly 7 Fabiola Mattias F Kestrel 15.65
50m Backstroke 9 Roma Vrijhof F Falcon 33.53
25m Butterfly 10 Mounir Hideni M Falcon 13.11
50m Backstroke 11,12,13 Shane McCarthy M Osprey 30.33
50m Backstroke 11,12,13 Cheyma Le Falher F Falcon 32.52
50m Breaststroke 11,12,13 Shane McCarthy M Osprey 33.45
25m Butterfly 11,12,13 Shane McCarthy M Osprey 12.92
Girls Medley Relay 7 F Merlin 1.09.55
Girls Medley Relay 9 F Falcon 1.12.19
House Relay Falcon 2.25.22