Nov 182015
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Thinking of the Little One’s

image2Following the devastating earthquake in Nepal in April this year, my brother, sister and I decided to do something to help the children whose homes have been damaged or destroyed and have subsequently lost their beloved toys and much-needed clothes. We often take for granted just how much we really have. Wardrobes full of clothes that are barely worn, and toys that we have grown out of, gathering dust in the understairs cupboards. After sorting and preparing things into age groups, we called upon our wonderful Nepalese gardener of ten years, Deepak Rai, to help us. Deepak is in his late 50s and has a 25 year old daughter, Sunita Rai, who lives in Katmandu. He agreed to send the sorted clothes and toys to Sunita for distribution to friends, family, and strangers alike in the hardest hit areas. Some items reached as far as Deurali in the Himalayas where Sunita’s grandparents live, an area where people have less opportunity to provide luxuries for their youngsters. Our family covered the cost of shipping the cartons, the first of which was sent in May, and the second in October. We will continue to do this, not only for the huge difference it makes to the children, but also for the mums and dads who are struggling to replace these treasured items. ~ Sheherazade Al Shahry, 9E