Dec 152015
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First Outside School Swim Gala

38 swimmers from our St Chris Sharks squad competed in the 5th Bahrain International National Day short course swimming competition here in Bahrain held over the weekend of 11-12 December.

Our swimmers did extremely well gaining personal best times and winning 18 Gold Medals, 12 Silver Medals and 13 Bronze Medals. For some of our squad this was the first time for them to compete outside of our School Galas.


Congratulations to the following swimmers for winning the high points trophies:

Farah van der Kooi

Fabiola Mattias

Roma Vrijhof

Well done to the Medal winners listed below:


Faris Saleh 100m free 1.38.22

Farah Van der Kooi 50m breast 41.32

Fabiola Mattias 100m back 1.20.75

Roma Vrijhof 100m back 1.12.26

Jamie Price 100m back 1.07.25

Farah van der Kooi 100 IM 1.22.15

Roma Vrijhof 50m free 30.59

Faris Saleh 50m free 42.55

Fabiola Mattias 200m back 2.55.47

Jamie Price 200m back 2.27.37

Farah van der Kooi 50m fly 35.79

Faris Saleh 50m fly 52.65

Ayse Atak 50m back 38.25

Roma Vrijhof 50m back 33.96

Fabiola Mattias 100 fly 1.26.33

Roma Vrijhof 200m free 2.32.60

Girls 15 and over 200m freestyle relay team

Girls 13-14 200m medley relay team


Roma Vrijhof 100m free 1.07.61

Lucas Watson 50m breast 50.28

Ayse Atak 100m back 1.25.12

Lauren Kenna 50m free 40.94

Kizzy Price 50m free 31.81

Ayse Atak 200m back 3.05.45

Roma Vrijhof 200m back 2.41.47

Farah van der Kooi 200m IM 3.00.03

Fabiola Mattias 50m back 38.28

Farah van der Kooi 200m breast 3.14.27

Girls 9-10 200m freestyle relay team

Boys 9-10 200m freestyle relay team


Ayse Atak 100m free 1.16.25

Kizzy Price 100m free 1.11.34

Arabella Rushton 50m breast 44.06

Brandon Marshall 100m back 1.26.83

Lucas Watson 50m free 37.09

Fabiola Mattias 50m fly 37.55

Faris Saleh 50m back 55.49

Ryan O Donnell 50m back 42.24

Amalie Nielsen 100m breast 1.38.61

Alice Brandreth 100m fly 2.02.79

Jamie Price 200m free 2.18.53

Amalie Nielsen 200m breast 3.31.80

Philip McKenna 200m breast 3.24.26