Dec 152015
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Pizza, Poetry and Prose

Alliteration at its finest I hear you say, but still a little mystified? Well read on. Pizza, Poetry and Prose is a new addition to our Library programme aimed at adding that little extra incentive to engage in reading. Every Thursday lunchtime we welcome a guest reader to share their favourite piece of Prose or Poetry in front of a keen assembly of avid listeners. The Pizza, Poetry and Prose Thursday lunchtime was kicked off to a very enthusiastic crowd by Ms Percival who read ‘Christopher Pike’.  A host of teachers have joined the fun with Mr Milnes, Ms Reilly, Mr Mulleague, Mrs Leap and Mrs Grantham, reading a variety of different genres from their favourite books.  Every week brings something new and the audience is ever-changing, albeit for a core of regulars (who clearly love their pizza!!). We have had gasps of anticipation, some tears, much laughter and even audience participation during our weekly sessions. We are looking forward to this being a regular weekly session next year in 2016 with many more teachers eagerly waiting their chance to read to the students. A special thank you to all those members of staff who have given up their break time to share their love of reading and who have made this first term, so special.Library