Dec 152015
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Run, Jump, Throw and have Fun!

The Year 3 and 4 Sports Days were held recently and gave the children the chance to show off their athletic skills they had been learning in their PE lessons. The high jump was introduced this year with many of the competitors using scissor kicks to get over the bar, some even using the Fosbury flop!

The weather was perfect and the children did themselves proud with their performances. We have our eyes on a few for future BSME Games candidates.

We would like to say a massive thank you to the Year 6 helpers who were tremendously supportive and did a superb job!

“I enjoyed everything especially the hurdles and the running” Noorie 3F

“I felt like I was special because I got second place in the race” Charlie 4C

 Jnr Sports

The placing’s for the day were

Year 3 Year 4
1st – Merlin 1st – Kestrel
2nd – Kestrel 2nd – Merlin
3rd – Falcon 3rd – Falcon
4th – Osprey 4th – Osprey



Trying to guess the right day for the Sports Days nearly 6 months in advance is always tricky due to the unpredictable nature of the weather in Bahrain. Luckily, we got it right for the Year 5 and Year 6 Sports Days as well, and we enjoyed a sunny, hot day!

The students have been working really hard for 2 months in their lessons trying to make sure they did their best in their specific events. We are pleased to say many records were broken, even some that had been standing since 2007!

The record breakers were:

Iman Khawaja Y5 Girls Shot 5.14
Carys McCabe Y6 Girls Long Jump 2.02
Yameen Rahman Y6 Boys Shot 7.01
Lilly Bull Y5 Girls 55m 8.71
Salde Camara Y5 Boys 200m 32.31
Jacob, Slade, Callum, Ali Kestrel Y5 Boys Relay 53.27
Leena, Umaisa, Maya, Chiara Merlin Y6 Girls Relay 55.00
Josh, Alex, Mattias, Andrew Falcon Y6 Boys Relay 51.97



Year 5&6
1st – Kestrel
2nd – Merlin
3rd – Osprey
4th – Falcon


“It was fun, challenging and well organised” – Owen Y5

“It was the best day of the year!” – Kyla Year 6