Dec 152015
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Sharks Shooting for the Stars

On 26 November 2015, St Chris Sharks took on the H2O challenge to compete in their Autumn Cup Swim Competition. We travelled to Doha just after the unusual rain storm to find our original venue flooded, the competition altered and our coach unable to make the journey. However, that did not dampen our spirits or hold us back. After hearing words of wisdom from our inspirational swimming coordinator, Mrs Lodwig, and the impressive warm up capabilities of Miss Lambert, helped by our senior swimmers, our Sharks showed the competitors who was boss! After Day 1 of the Competition, we had won 3 Gold, 9 Silver and 8 Bronze Medals.


Gold Farah van Der Kooi 200 free 2.41.44

Gold Farah van Der Kooi 800 free 11.44.14

Gold Cheyma Le Falher 800 free 10.13.95


Silver Asma Le Falher 200 free 2.44.48

Silver Cheyma Le Falher 200 free 2.15.99

Silver Matthew portelli 200 back 3.46.33

Silver Farah van Der Kooi 50 free 31.97

Silver Cheyma Le Falher 50 free 29.19

Silver Fabiola Mattias 100 back 1.25.40

Silver Roma Vrijhof 100 back 1.14.96

Silver Cheyma Le Falher 100 back 1.13.95

Silver Asma Le Falher 800 free 12.23.81


Bronze Adrianna lunch 50 free 36.37

Bronze Farah van Der Kooi 100 breast 1.33.43

Bronze Shane McCarthy 200 IM 2.25.45

Bronze Adrianna lunch 200 free 3.06.85

Bronze under 11 girls freestyle relay team 2.20.65


Day two of competition started with a splash! Our Sharks were unstoppable, gaining a further 22 Medals.


Gold Fabiola Mattias 50 back 38.59

Gold Cheyma Le Falher 50 back 34.81

Gold Slade Camara 50 free 34.78

Gold Farah van Der Kooi 50 breast 41.69

Gold Fabiola Mattias 200 free 3.04.13


Silver Roma Vrijhof 50 back 34.96

Silver Adrianna lluch 100 free 1.21.52

Silver Farah van Der Kooi 100 free 1.12.86

Silver Cheyma Le Falher 100 free 1.03.75

Silver Roma Vrijhof 200 free 2.46.34

Silver Cheyma Le Falher 400 free 4.50.69


Bronze Amalie Nielsen 200 breast 3.36.70

Bronze Asma Le Falher 100 free 1.16.09

Bronze Shane McCarthy 100 breast 1.17.35

Bronze Shane McCarthy 100 back 1.08.73

Bronze Fabiola Mattias 100 fly 1.29.03

Bronze Sana Le Falher 400 free 7.21.78

Bronze Farah van Der Kooi 400 free 5.45.40

Bronze Under 11 Girls Medley Relay team 2.41.29

We were also awarded two high points trophies. Congratulations to Farah van Der Kooi who was placed 2nd in the 10-11 age group and Cheyma Le Falher who was placed 3rd in the 16 and over age category. After the gruelling two day event, our Girls team were placed in third position out of 17 teams from around the Gulf region.