Feb 152017
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Mad About Football

On Friday 26 January, 4 St Chris girls’ teams consisting of 45 players entered the BSME Football tournament, hosted here at St Christopher’s. Very well done to all the footballers. You showed some great skills and some awesome goals were scored! 9 teams entered the tournament and we played some tough matches. However, we made our way to the final with only one loss against us. Unfortunately, we found ourselves up against the same team, DESS Dubai, in the final. We are proud to say St Chris United were a tough team to beat and we finished the tournament 2nd place trophy winners! Well done to all the girls. All 4 teams made us very proud!

The final results were:

1st – DESS Dubai A

2nd – St Chris United

3rd – BIS Jeddah A

St Chris Rovers made it to the Semi-finals and had a tough match against our own St Chris United. They were then narrowly pipped to the post by BISJ. The St Chris Wanderers and St Chris Athletic played some great football also!  Well done to everyone! You were fabulous!

Our teams were:

St Chris United: Rosie Lewis, Alice Brandreth, Maryam Berri, Yasmeen AlArrayed, Isabel Lobby, Haya Al-Nusuf, Talia AlHamar, Imogen Rushton, Lucy Vaughan, Katelin Reed

St Chris Rovers: Lily Bull, Charlotte Watts, Grace Dawson, Kiley Hatchet, Phoebe Beckett-McInroy, Jude Eissa, Ella Taylor, Kelsey Harris, Ruby Mill-Kennelly, Sarah Stewart, Noha Barbir

St Chris Wanderers: Sidra Sarmad, Isabel Pieterson, Nour Taboub, Zaina Fayyaz, Carly Penhale, Amnah Al Bustani, Yasmin Khalifat, Liana Alkhateeb, Hannah Rana, Zasha Naseem, Hala AlAlawi, Lottie Gosling

St Chris Atheltic: Charlotte Brereton-Stuart, Wilma Tautenhahn, Florence Wilkins, Layla Redha, Maddie Stewart, Fern Plunkett, Mia    Sum, Zara Siddique, Sophia Mousa, Yara Elkhatib, Selin Elkici, Abla Mounir

Seven other schools from the Gulf region joined us at St Christopher’s in Saar for the BSME U11s Boys Football Tournament on Saturday 28 January. Three teams were entered from our Football Squad and Football Development players – United, Rovers and Athletic. All three got off to a good start and as the league progressed through each of the thirteen teams playing everyone else, United became the team to beat. Rovers and Athletic chalked up some wins to put themselves in contention for the semi-final play-off but eventually and unfortunately, both were to narrowly miss out. United completed their fixtures in first place by several points with 44 goals scored on the way, remarkably shared amongst seven of the ten-player squad. However, having made early goals something of a trademark, United were undone by their own tactic and were outfought in the semi-final by BIS Jeddah A, who went on to win the whole tournament. United were able to console themselves somewhat with victory in the 3rd-4th place play-off to deservedly finish the day with some medals. Each squad displayed good sportsmanship, excellent effort and played some terrific team football along the way. Recognition and gratitude also go to all those volunteers who gave up their time to help the whole weekend run smoothly.

St Chris United: Salman Abuzahra, Ahmed Al A’ali, Salman Al Khalifa, Ridha Alnooh, Harry Doran, Cormac Mulleague, Isa Al Khalifa, Jacob Phillpots, Cesar Vrijhof, Jacob Sum.

St Chris Rovers: Sameer Dawani, Omer Rauf, Christy Maye, Jack Yates, Sasha DeSouza, Faisal Kanoo, Theo Bicknell, Zouheir Hamdan, Abboud Abi Ramia, Faisal Fakhro

St Chris Athletic: Essa Jalal, Ali Ajaj, Ibrahim Foudeh, Faris Alami, Ali Al Shehab, Darion Ali, Kian Magrone, Abdullah AlAali, Samuel Al Koheji, Cillian Finlay