Feb 152017
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Exploring Seef

It all began on the 31 January when we departed from school and travelled to Seef Mall. When we arrived at the Mall, we clambered off the bus and into an Arabic seating area, just outside gate 4. Our first task was to establish the important part…. What we wanted to have for lunch! After establishing what we wanted for lunch we sat down and did a rough field sketch of our surroundings and we completed an environmental quality survey. Once this was completed to a high standard, we then split up into our groups of 4 and 5. We were told where to meet at 11:45 and where to find Ms Pickering in case of any emergency. We had our booklets at the ready and so we split into our groups. Whilst we were going around the Mall we were set many tasks which meant engaging with the public. Once we had completed all the tasks that were set we had our lunch and then departed from Seef Mall. Now we need to put all of our data that we gathered into a document. If I were to describe the trip in three words, I would say “geographical, interesting and important”. ~ Lizzie Warrender 7C

On the 31 January, class 7C went on a field trip to Seef Mall to investigate their topic of “How shopping has changed over time”. Our objective was to find out exactly why people visit this popular destination by doing questionnaires, pedestrian counts and shop tallies. We worked diligently at our tasks and, in the end, were rewarded with the privilege to eat from our own choice of restaurant. Lucky! In the end, 7C had learnt a lot about their topic and were successful in proving how shopping has changed over time.  ~ Ayaan Khan 7C