Feb 152017
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Victory and New Records

St Christopher’s hosted its final Primary Sports League event of the season when six other Bahrain schools joined us for an Athletics meeting. As is typical for this competition, the wind was noticeably colder but the athletes remained unaffected and went about each race, throwing and jumping with positivity and determination. League records were broken by Salma Khaled of IKNS in the Girls High Jump, Jake Kimber of St Chris in the Boys Triple Jump and the St Chris Girls 4x75m Relay Team. The latter two achievements helped to propel the St Chris team to overall victory in the competition. Well played to every athlete who contributed and a massive thank you to all the volunteers who made such a difference in the smooth running of the event.

Event St Chris (Boys) Times/Distances
100m Ridha Alnoor 15.22secs
Ali Al Shehab 15.28secs
300m Harry Doran 1:00.30mins
Ali Al Shehab 59.02secs
600m Jacob Phillpots 2:09.81mins
Jacob Sum 2:21.13mins
4 x 75m Relay Ridha Alnoor 52.09secs
Ali Al Shehab
Salman Al Khalifa
Salman Abuzahra
Running Long Jump Ali Al Shehab 2.50m
Jacob Phillpots 3.08m
High Jump Harry Doran 1.20m
Jake Kimber 1.30m
Standing Triple Jump Jake Kimber 6.10m
Salman Al Khalifa 5.00m
Ball Throw Cormac Mulleague 19.92m
Javelin Throw Ridha Alnoor 14.38m
Harry Doran 14.70m
Shot Put Darion Ali 6.15m
Cormac Mulleague 5.90m


Track Event St Chris (Girls) Times/Distances
100m Jude Eissa 15.18secs
Talia Al Hamar 15.53secs
300m Talia Al Hamar 1:00.04mins.
Jude Eissa 1:02.28mins
600m Adriana Lluch 2:21.32mins
Isabel Looby 2:20.81mins
4 x 75m Relay Talia Al Hamar 52.09secs
Jude Eissa
Katelin Reed
Lucy Vaughan
Running Long Jump Jude Eissa 3.46m
Talia Al Hamar 2.97m
High Jump Lilly Bull 1.15m
Lucy Vaughan 1.10m
Standing Triple Jump Katelin Reed 5.28m
Lucy Vaughan 5.12m
Ball Throw Deena Al Dahwi 11.45m
Lilo Al Dahwi 11.27m
Javelin Throw Katelin Reed 12.20m
Imogen Rushton 9.28m
Shot Put Haya AlNusuf 5.90m
Saffron Dennell 5.90m