Feb 152017
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Souq Explorers

This year, for our Geography Field Trip, we went to Manama to investigate whether the Souq area should be further redeveloped or not. The investigation enabled us to explore the changes in the Manama Souq and determine whether the new developments were beneficial or a drawback for the economy of Bahrain. We conducted the investigation using a range of data collection methods such as EQSs, traffic & pedestrian counts, questionnaires, field sketches and land use surveys. We also had an enjoyable time interviewing all the tourists that arrived on a large cruise ship as well as the local shopkeepers. Upon our return to class, we will be writing up our investigation using Google Docs and using Google Classroom that Mr Hobday has set up to track our progress. This will involve collating our data, using spreadsheets, presenting it with various graphs, charts and maps and then drawing various conclusions from our analyses of the two hypotheses chosen. This was a highly valuable trip that will enhance our geographical understanding of the Manama Souq immensely. ~ Sai Rama Balakrishnan 9F