Feb 152017
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Falcon House Overall Champions

Sports Day, which was held at the Sheikh Khalifa Stadium, Isa Town, witnessed huge participation levels, fantastic sportsmanship, excellent facilities and outstanding standards of performance by the students. The winners of Key Stage 3 events were Falcon House, Key Stage 4 went to Merlin and the overall Champions were Falcon House. The standard of performance from St Christopher’s athletes was exceptionally high in all the Sprints, Middle Distance, Throws and Jumps. Our students can be very proud of their performances and over 13 records were broken during the day!


Record Breakers 2017

Year Name Event House Result
7 Kestrel (Boys &Girls) 4×200 Kestrel 2.19.68
7 Osprey (Girls) 4×100 Osprey 1.04.4
7 Joseph Dennison High Jump Osprey 1.36 m
8 Sulaf Al Jabal High Jump Kestrel 1.40 m
9 Lilla Jaszberenyi Discus Merlin 18.68
9 Vicki Harper Shot Merlin 9.03
10 Elligh Sissons Long Jump Merlin 4.20 m
11,12,13 Sean Chapman 200m Kestrel 22.46
11,12,13 Jamie Price 1500m Merlin 4.07.74
11,12,13 Mounir Hinedi Long Jump Falcon 6.33m
11,12,13 Hamed Al Khalifa High Jump Falcon 1.80m
11,12,13 Kizzy Price 400m Osprey 1.07.00
11,12,13 Sean Ross 400m Kestrel 0.55.00