Apr 122017
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Well Done Everyone!

Our Proud assembly for Term 2 began with us all singing the Sunshine song and had us all smiling before the assembly even started! We were pleased to commence with this term’s Golden Brush and Golden Hammer awards from Art and DT and enjoyed watching the term’s highlights in these subjects compiled by Mrs Dales and Mr Wilkins. Rosie (6D) shared a PowerPoint describing her passion for cookery and we were most impressed with her baking! Mr Wilkins also awarded Licence to Cook certificates.

Two groups of pupils, Jawaher, Noora and Jood (4C) and Malak and Celine (5C) spoke out confidently and showed us PowerPoint presentations they had produced collaboratively, describing the different techniques they are experimenting with and they were beautifully illustrated with their very own and very striking art work.

Musically, Millie (5A) and Primrose (4D) entertained us with their trumpet playing and both of them presented on how and why they were inspired to learn the trumpet. Primrose shared her favourite quotes from famous jazz musicians and Millie let us in on the fact that the trumpet she plays was previously played by both her Dad and his Great Uncle! In between the year group items our Junior choir gave us a beautiful rendition of “True Colours” which we enjoyed immensely.

It was wonderful to learn that we have two talented budding authors Amy (4C) and Saoirse-Joy (3D) who are very proud and rightly so of stories they have written. Amy shared a highly descriptive passage from her imaginative story of The Ice Man and Saoirse-Joy, several short passages from her beautifully illustrated tales of princesses. Priana (3F) demonstrated tennis skills and emphasized the importance of lots of practice and determination and shared her pride at her latest success in the SPARTA championships.

Year 6 brought our Proud Assembly to an end with Alexa (6D) singing tunefully. She described how she simply loves to sing and sings all the time whether to comfort herself in a thunder storm or just because she is bursting to sing. Earsil (6C) then described his fundraising with the St Chris Award for two very worthwhile causes (buying phone cards and fund-raising for the school we are building in Nepal) and he shared his advice based on experience for those who wish to raise money for charitable causes. We were impressed to learn he had raised BD 389 using various persuasive techniques from neighbours, family and friends.

Congratulations to all of you. We were very proud of you all!