Apr 112017
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Fighting for Glory

The highlight of the golfing year once again was the Staff v Students Golf Match which took place on the Wee Monty at The Royal Golf Club recently. Played in beautiful, sunny but windy weather the teams were keen to get stuck into each other and the students were very confident of victory on their favourite course. In a very close match, Mr Hobday & Mr Axtell beat Sebastian Woodrow & Ronan Smith 2&1 to set a trend that was to be continued throughout the day. Mr Armstrong & Sam Hobday won 2up, Mrs Hobday & Mr Booth won 2up, Mr Stewart & Mr Pollard won 3&2, Mr Plunkett & Mr Doherty won 5&3, Mr Wales & Mr Tayler won 2&1 and Mr McIntyre & Mr Mulleague won 1up

The only ray of light for the students was when Nick Scerri, playing on his own after being let down by his playing partner, beat the staff team 3&2 which is a tremendous achievement. So the final result was a magnificent 7-1 victory for the staff but the overall score is still in favour of the students, standing at 10.5 to 5.5 in total. In the individual staff competition, Mr Neely won with a massive 52 points, closely followed by Mr McIntyre on an equally impressive 46 points and Mr Chihwayi on 45 points. Well done to everyone who took part and we look forward to next year’s match where hopefully the staff continue their superb form!!