Apr 112017
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Music, Music All Around

The Spring Concert was held on Wednesday 29 March, in the Isa Town School Hall. The overall theme for the evening was ‘anthems’ and the programme was jam-packed with exciting, well known pieces from a variety of eras and genres. The Senior School Orchestra performed Foglie Su La Strada, a piece composed by Year 12 student Marco Maggi. It was a fantastic debut performance as the acoustics highlighted the clever and effective use of texture and dynamics throughout the piece. It was fantastic to see some new talent on the stage with performances from the Intermediate String Group and the St Chris Male Vocal Group. As a department, we encourage all performances from young musicians, regardless of ability levels. One performance that certainly stood out was the Top Trumps performance of the various Harry Potter theme tunes. It is always refreshing to hear original versions of well-known pieces such as the Senior School’s Big Band rendition of Skyfall. Year 9 student Lydia Wapshaka made a guest vocal appearance and it is safe to say she blew the audience away! Well done to all the Ensembles that were involved in the fantastic evening of music, Senior Orchestra, Large Brass, Pulse, Senior String Group, Sencris, Cantata, Senior Woodwind, Intermediate Strings, St Chris Male Vocal Group, Top Trumps and Big Band.