Nov 222017
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Go Team!

Intermediate Boys

The 2017 Volleyball season saw the start of a new and exciting league involving the BSB, the Bahrain School and St Christopher’s. Each school entered two teams, apart from St Christopher’s who entered three teams, and played a series of Festivals, with the season concluding in a dramatic final tournament. Teams grew from strength to strength over the weeks, skill levels became more diverse and teamwork matured. The A Team deservedly won every Festival, with the B Team eventually taking second place in front of BSB. However, in the first game of the Final Tournament, the B Team played against the A Team. The B Team, under the guidance of Mr Tayler, kept their cool, worked steadily as a team and defeated the A Team. It was a tremendous display of teamwork, which is undoubtedly what led them to their victory. This became the kick-start the A Team needed and, with a new sense of desire and urgency, went on to win the rest of the matches and the overall tournament. Only on points difference did St Christopher’s B take 2nd place, with BSB taking a very worthy 3rd place. A tremendous season for all concerned and one the boys should be very proud of. Most Improved Player of the A Team is Jordan Smit, B Team is Digby Rushton and the C Team Joel Watts.


A Team

Coach: Hamza Mounir

Colby Altman

Adam Jheir

Kareem Bagaeen

Callum Dawson

Jordan Smit

Connor Clifton

Faris Alkhalo

Vedant Kalyani

Team B

Roshan Rahamathullah

Louis Mulleague

Alvaro Cagigos

Hamad Isa Al Khalifa

Stan Szecowka

Fritz Tautenhahn

Adreej Parmaj

Digby Rushton

Fares Al Katanani



Team C

Tushar Chellamsetty

Spike Thomas

Shehrez Riaz

Selim Pilav

Rishab Bhatia

Raif Ali

Oliver Hansen

Joel Watts

Kaloyan Milanov

Hassan Hamade


Intermediate Girls

We had a very successful first opening tournament at Bahrain School. Both St Christopher’s A and B teams played some skilful Volleyball. Sarah and Sienna were on top form with their serves and so were Charlotte and Patricia.

Bahrain School first opening tournament results;

  1. St Chris A
  2. BAS A
  3. Riffa
  4. St Chris B
  5. BAS B
  6. BSB A
  7. BSB B

St Christopher’s School entered 3 teams in the second tournament at Bahrain School and we managed to win 11 of the 13 games played! The third and final tournament was held at Riffa Views International School. Congratulations to all for a successful end of season tournament. The A team won 5 games and lost 1 and were crowned overall winners. The B team won 3 and lost 3 of their games and came fifth overall. Well done to both teams.

Back row left to right – Sejal Sarda, Bella Rushton, Melissa Busek, Isabel Phillpots, Charlotte Pilgrim, Maisie Brandreth, Sophia Lord, Sienna Wortley, Sulaf Al Jabal.

Middle row – Suhanee Sood, Mishal Al, Nadine El Sharkawi, Rawan Haq, Vicky Harper, Patricia Hajszan, Iona Reekie, Celine Abuzahra.

Front row – Caelin Hatcher, Alex Farsari, Charlie Axtell, Angala Rajasegaran, Maria Leon, Aaliah Al Shahry.

Not in photo – Sarah Barrett