Nov 222017
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The Return to Thomas House

October saw the return of the Thailand Community Service Trip to Mai Ai in Chiang Mai. Five staff and forty-one Year 12 students left on Thursday 26 October for ten days of building and community teaching. This year, the team worked across two sites, laying the foundations and floor for a new Nursery classroom, and putting the finishing touches to Thomas House. The return to Thomas House was especially memorable as St Christopher’s worked on the beginning stages of this project last year. To see the project finished, with amazing turf laying skills evident with our students, was especially poignant as this is the first school for students with extra learning needs in the area. Another remarkable feat of the Trip was the sheer number of donations taken, with an estimated 600kg of books, toys, stationery and clothes being crammed into every nook of our suitcases. Once again, the students were an absolute pleasure and worked incredibly hard the entire week.