Nov 222017
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‘A Book is a Dream that you Hold in your Hand!’

And that is exactly what Majestic Book Mart offered our children – a dream land with over 18,000 books. Over three days vast number of book lovers were seen everywhere enjoying browsing, reading the new collections on offer and making difficult choices. Year 6 Student Librarians did a splendid job of picking a new selection of books for our school library and also helped our young book-buyers with their choices.

St Chris children were not only adept at making independent choices for themselves but often showed their kind nature by buying presents for their brothers and sisters.

The top three Infant book choices were The Book with No Pictures, the Rainbow Magic series and Lego Ninjago. And for Juniors the favourite books were Oxford Children’s Classics, Wonder and Minecraft.

‘So many books, so little time’- so get going our amazing readers!