Nov 222017
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Volleyball – Senior Girls

The season began as soon as we returned to school and the turnout for trials and practices was fantastic! The Girls took part in up to four training sessions a week, showing their remarkable commitment and dedication to their sport. We were also very lucky to have the expertise from Coach, Dave Jones, this season, who raised the Girls’ skills to a higher level. The season kicked off with a relatively easy match against BSB and, as the season progressed, the skills of the team improved leading to another victory against RVIS. With new strategies and tactics in place, the Girls fought hard against Bahrain School, but were no match for their accomplished team. St Chris came second in the End of Season Tournament and were placed second in The League. Well done, Girls!

The squad pictured in the photo are:- (Back row left to right) Gabriela Deakin, Palesa Riede, Kiana Mongelos, Carmen Carritt, Thea Toutoungy, Georgia Sim; (Bottom row left to right) Sama Mahmoud, Cecilie Blankholm, Afaf Sidani, Jessie-Leigh Baker, Luna Dreyer, Danielle Wilkinson

Volleyball – Senior Boys

Thanks in no small part to our new coach, Dave Jones, the Senior Boys had a very successful season. Dave increased the training frequency to three or four sessions a week and brought a high level of commitment and experience to training sessions. The boys responded well, with many of them taking their game to a new level. We went undefeated in the league, beating the British School and Riffa Views International School in straight sets. Our third match was the best of all, defeating Bahrain School 2 sets to 1. We were thus crowned league champions! Unfortunately, our end of season tournament clashed with the Year 13 Parents’ Afternoon and we lost four of our more experienced players. Despite our talented Year 11 players helping us to the Final, we lacked the composure to repeat our win over Bahrain School, so we finished tournament Runners-up.

Squad: Back row left to right: Coach Dave, Pavle Ognjenovic, Hadi Ahmed, Yazan Katanani, Tom Vaughan

Front row Left to right: Mohammad Fazli, Jordan Baker, George Axtell, Bradley James Altman, Donovan Worrell, Amartya Sarkar.

Absent: Zac Jones and Rayyan Syed Ali