Nov 222017
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A Feast for the Eyes!

Egyptian Day was eagerly anticipated by all of the Year 3 children and staff. The day began with a photo shoot outside and it was wonderful to see all the colourful costumes. Thankfully, the weather cooled down nicely for the occasion.

One of the first activities was a human board game. With two sides – representing the Egyptians and Hittites, we held a playing board battle to see who would be victorious. A thrilling start to the day!

The Egyptian Feast proved as popular as ever. There is something about putting on a costume that makes one feel really hungry. Apparently. There was a terrific spread of food – much of which continued the Egyptian theme.

Then it was time for a range of activities. Children were able to make Egyptian pasta-gem jewellery, Hieroglyphic bookmarks and carry out their own Egyptian research. After all this, the afternoon’s Egyptian movie in the Hall provided welcome respite and a lot of tired little Pharaohs and Cleopatras gratefully huddled down to enjoy the time together.

Long live Egyptian Day!