Jul 042018
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A Trip to France

Our Y4,Y5 and Y6 children transported their Junior school audience to France with their amazing assembly of  poetry, dance, music and song on June 28.

Singers, musicians, painters, poets, dancers and actors showcased their talents in front of a captivated audience.

The assembly started with the French native speakers inviting all the Junior pupils from French speaking countries to come onto the stage.

Inspired by French actor Louis de Funes, 6B children then danced the famous Cossack dance from the  ‘Le Grand Restaurant’ movie.

A movie montage then showed some pupils trying to imitate French singers who had inspired them.

Live music performances proved to be popular in the assembly with Maya Telang accompanying the ‘Singers of Love’ story and the band ‘Fusion’ with Samuel Srzich on piano, Laurence Garland on electric guitar and John Wikie on drums, playing their music.

The children worked incredibly hard to learn many famous French songs and I am incredibly proud of them.

The assembly finished with the song “Chante” that all Junior students love to sing.

The highlights of the show were:



1- Opening by French native speakers: Sana le Fahler, Zaki Babiker, Eleonore Garland, Meldine Jawad and Laurence Garland


2- Movie : Inspired by French songs


3- Le cancre ( The dunce)- Poem read by Layan Abunahl and performed by Ted Stubbs, Jawaher Abdulaal


4- Song- Love story, original song of Indila interpreted by Nia Zasheva, Zoe Markley, Sophia Janahi with dancers Eleonore Garland and Sasha Dixon. Maya Telang on piano.


5– La danse cosaque with children from 6B


6- Song M- Je dis aime ( M- I say love)  original song of Mathieu Chedid interpreted by “Fusion” a band with Nia Sasheva, accompanied by Laurence Garland (electric guitar), John Wilkie (drums) and Samuel Srzich (piano)


7- The news TV report presented by Robin Verdeyen and Soraya Abu Ghazaleh. Weather woman: Jude Halawani. Bad news presenter: Erica Barry. Victim: Finn Gosling. Make up: Alya Bazzouz. Assistant: Aniqah Saban


8- Vidéo montage: Sous le ciel de Paris ( Under the sky of Paris), a famous song interpreted by Abdullah Al Khalifa and Juliette Beck.


9- La vie en rose, ( The life in pink) a famous French song that Edith Piaf interpreted,  sung by Viana Patel, Maya Telang and Leanne Cockerill.

Piano Katarina Kazi


10- Song: L’oiseau et l’enfant ( The bird and the child) original song of Marie Myriam, winner of the Eurovision in 1977 interpreted by Sana Le Falher, Hannah Miles and Abdullah Al Khalifa accompanied by Laurence Garland on drums.


11- Song: Chante ( Sing)  original song of Michel Fugain interpreted by children from different classes