Jul 042018
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A Different ApproachAs part of their Geography IGCSE, students in Year 11 sit a paper known as the ‘Alternative to Coursework’ (A2C). This paper requires a thorough understanding of the geographical research process and in order to help students in their understanding, the Geography Department, led by Dr Goldsmith, organised a half day workshop to help students get to grips with doing geographical research. Over 40 Year 11 students came in their study support time to learn about the importance of hypothesis setting, the need for appropriate fieldwork equipment and the importance of presenting data and drawing appropriate conclusions. There was lots of ‘hands on time’ for the students to get used to using equipment and to practise how they might conduct a beach profile or measure parameters of a river. It was an engaging and fun afternoon of geographical research and the students gained valuable knowledge to help them with their final Geography examination paper.