Jul 042018
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Representing Bahrain
  • It was the largest and most competitive ever Global Round with 4100 students from 30+ countries. Teams of 3 compete in 4 competitions (Team Debate, Collaborative Writing, the Scholar’s Bowl and the Scholar’s Challenge). There were hundreds of teams in each age category.
  • Of 57 St Christopher’s students, 44 qualified for the Tournament of Champions in November by being placed in the top 25% of teams.
  • Sam Catchpole was the second placed student in the debate competition. He was also the highest placed student in the Middle East in his age category.
  • Tanish Bhojwani was 1st place in the History part of the Challenge competition.
  • Anushka Jha was the 8th placed student in the Collaborative Writing competition.
  • Arnav Gautam was 3rd in the Science part of the Challenge competition.
  • Fernanda Amaral was the highest placed student from our school in the overall competition for Juniors.
  • Saachi Kumar was the 5th placed student in the Senior Division in the Collaborative Writing.
  • The team of Caelin Hatcher, Eline Van der Dong and Ayesha Siddiqui won the Senior Scholar’s Bowl competition, the first time any St Chris students have achieved this success.
  • The team of Layal Kazerooni, Kate Pearey and Parthiv Saha were 9th in the Scholar’s Bowl and the 2nd place team from the Middle East overall.
  • The team of Tamara Himani, Sinaan Ali and Annie Thevara were 20thin the Challenge and the 3rd place team from the Middle East overall.
  • St Christopher’s School represented Bahrain in the Cultural Fair, with our stand featuring iconic images of Bahrain. Students also offered dates and painted henna onto the hands of willing volunteers.
  • Layal Kazerooni carried the flag of Bahrain at the Closing Ceremony.

Congratulations to all of the students!