Jul 042018
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Planet Pi

To celebrate all things mathematical for National Pi Day, the Senior School Maths students took part in the The Middle East Mangahigh Maths Ninja Challenge and entered a competition based on Planet Pi – a challenge set by NASA (www.goo.gl/3KtdnJ).

Planet Pi

The seven fully correct entries were from:

Rashida Saherwala, Ranjani Ramprasad, Avahana Meghraj, Isobel Leap, Emilia Mousa, Kiana Mongelos and Faye Weaver.

Congratulations to them all – each won a chocolatey prize!


The Middle East Mangahigh Maths Ninja Challenge 11 – 22 March 2018

This online Maths competition saw schools across the Middle East compete with each other in a challenge to get a place on the national leaderboard across the 12 day challenge period.
Students completed Maths activities, which in turn contributed medal points to each school’s tally.

What an amazing Challenge this was! So, congratulations to all the students who took part and got excited about Maths! Well done! With over 100 schools competing, St Christopher’s did incredibly well to finish in 4th place, overall, in the Middle East. All students who scored over 150 points received a Maths Ninja medal. St Christopher’s had 73 students who qualified. The following 20 students were the highest scoring at St Christopher’s.

Bader Al Sarraf 700 pts
Mohammed Al-Awami 654 pts
Liam Chapman 588 pts
Eileen Boels 361 pts
Muskaan Iyer 346 pts
Danya Kanoo 303 pts
Jed Thomas 283 pts
Sayed Hashim Alsharaf 281 pts
Yousif Alnajjar 275 pts
Yaseen Hussein 251 pts
Tanish Bhojwani 249 pts
Shefali Sharma 236 pts
Adam 235 pts
Aditi Jacob 227 pts
Ali Hasan Altoubaji 225 pts
Katelin Reed 221 pts
Nadia Bahnemann 213 pts
Daniella Louca 211 pts
Faaz Dangra 204 pts
Fatima Hasan 200 pts

Mr Stewart