Nov 142012
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Feel the Beat – and Dance with your Feet

Dancing with Mam

For the first time ever, the hall has been alive with the sounds of Africa! Two amazing musicians from The Gambia have treated us to music from their Wolof tribe. Musa with his drumming skills and Mam with her singing and dancing have captivated us all with their rhythms and moves.

Musa with his drums

Year 2 had their special day on Wednesday, learning the drum rhythms and dance moves, in addition to singing call and response songs. Year 4 had their turn on Thursday.

Other classes just couldn’t resist the rhythm of the drums and the talking drum soon spread its word that something exciting was happening in the hall!

Ed Goodwin, Wendy Bataineh, Ian Fellows and Nick Wilson even joined in – dancing and singing in the Year 2 assembly! Many thanks to Mam and Musa who gave us a colourful, rhythmic day full of fun and laughter!