Nov 142012
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Election Fever!

Election fever gripped the  Infant and Junior year groups as the new School Council candidates began to prepare and deliver their speeches ready to be voted by secret ballot.

The School Councillors this year have a very special role to play. They will act as action researchers collecting information and data to provide evidence of the changes children want for the school. Hamad Al Khalifa (5C) said of the new project ‘It’s a really great opportunity to be part of the School Council, especially this year when we have been given lots more responsibility.’

When asked what was last year’s biggest success the School Councillors said it was their involvement in developing pupil voice and golden time within their classrooms.

The newly elected Councillors have mind-mapped areas which they want to research and improve: Arabic Activities, extending ‘Here to Help’ buddies, highlighting Bahraini culture in school and solar-powered fans. So, watch this space for new developments throughout this academic year!

Introducing the School Councillors 2012/13:

Infant School Council Junior School Council
2A: Alice Brandreth and Jake Yates
2B: Noor Khan and Justin Oversier
2C: Charlotte Watts and Nyle Khan
2D: Liam O’Donnell and Kailey Rose-Billington
2E: Layla Al-Dahwi and Ziyad Dhaduk
2F: Jayden Maxwell and Sophia Barraclough
Y3: Evie Winning and Tom Winton
Y4: Laura Adamson and Qays Mitchell
Y5: Karma Alami and Hamad Al Khalifa
Y6: Aesha Al Jowder and Cameron Gallaher