Nov 142012
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Sing with your Heart and Soul! 

Term 1 has seen an action-packed start with a ninety plus strong choir made up of Years 3, 4, 5 and 6, named ‘The Souls of Singing’. This vocal ensemble from the Junior School will compete in the Bahrain Young Performers Festival on 28 November. The ensemble will be singing a contemporary song in three parts called ‘Building’ by English composer, Richard Stillgoe. There is a lot to live up to with the stunning musical achievements last year, of the St Christopher’s Music Festival and the Golden Jubilee Concert.

The name of the ensemble, ‘Souls of Singing’ was established through a voting week where all pupils had the chance make suggestions and place their vote in the  ‘Voicebox’. All suggestions were taken to the first choir rehearsal and ‘hey presto’ the name was born. Suzi Patrick who runs the Year 5 and 6 choir, will be directing ensemble for this forthcoming festival.

Lis Holman runs the Year 2 choir and the Year 3 and 4 choir is run by Rachel McLeod. Commenting on her participation in the choir this term, Ruby (4D) said she likes singing because “it freshens me up and it’s fun!”

As part of the year’s exciting programme, there are plans to sing some songs at the Festive Fayre. Plans are well underway for the Winter Concert where you can warm the “cockles of your heart” with uplifting songs of family and friendship. In the New Year, the St Christopher’s Music Festival will take place once more and the forthcoming BSME Music Festival will also be hosted by St Christopher’s.

There’s every opportunity for students to get started and sing with the choir every Monday. These amazing musical activities need your support and involvement.