Nov 142012
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Bop Bop-a-lu, a Whop Bam-boo

This week all our Reception children visited Waitrose in the Nakheel Centre to buy ingredients for a fruit smoothie.  Clutching their clipboards, shopping lists and dinars, our intrepid shoppers strode across the road (carefully adhering to the Green Cross Code) and into the supermarket. They selected all the best fruit, yoghurt, juice and honey. After paying for their ingredients, all the children took their change, thanked the cashier and headed for home.  Once back in the classrooms, there was a frenzy of chopping and blending before the final tasting session – yum!

We would like to thank all the parents who joined us, our fellow shoppers who, although a little bemused at first, seemed to enjoy the distraction, and the very kind and helpful staff of Waitrose who hosted our trip with such enthusiasm.