Jan 152013
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Bonne année 2013! 

On Monday 19 November 2012, the DELF Awards Ceremony was held in the Ministry of Education Hall, Isa Town. Over 70 students from St Christopher’s School received their DELF Certificates from the Bahraini Minister of Education and the French Ambassador to Bahrain. Some of our students were also awarded scholarships to the Alliance Française for receiving the highest grades in Bahrain in their respective categories. The 2012 plaque, rewarding the school with the greatest number of students successfully completing the DELF, was presented to Ed Goodwin, Principal, for the second consecutive year.

This summer, these and new students will be aiming to achieve similar success for the next level in the DELF: A1, A2, B1, B2 or C1. Revision sessions will be held in April for any students who wish to enter the DELF examinations due to be held in June 2013.



Nom et prénom Examens
Gonzalo Riera-Ripoll DELF Prim A1
Safeya Al Aali DELF Prim A1
Mariam Al Khalifa DELF Prim A1
Liela Al Sugair DELF Prim A1
Shooq Al Nashmi DELF Prim A1
 Jood Al Asfoor DELF Prim A1
Shloq Roy DELF Prim A1
Sophie Scott DELF Prim A1
Jessica Hoar DELF Prim A1
Mustafa Zafar DELF Prim A1
Bilal Ikram DELF Prim A1
Subhan Muhammad DELF Prim A1
Talia Sahin DELF Prim A1
Tasmin Doubell DELF Prim A1
Karina Dulabh DELF Prim A1
Zara Salaria DELF Prim A1
Anya Thomas DELF Prim A1
Fatema Al Yaqoub DELF Prim A1
Catherine Harper DELF Prim A1
Natascha Husain DELF Prim A1
Raza Akbari DELF Prim A1
Haya Al Khalifa DELF Prim A1
Elizabeth Barringer DELF Prim A1
Sophie Holland DELF Prim A1
Joel Knapton DELF Prim A1
Luke Bennett DELF Prim A1
Daniel Oakley DELF Prim A1
Marc Fayyad DELF Prim A1
Justin Rbeiz DELF Prim A2
Pireh Moosa DELF Junior A1
Riva Kapoor DELF Junior A1
Danielle Abi Farrage DELF Junior A1
Mohammad Fazli DELF Junior A1
Amartya Sarkar DELF Junior A1
Arnav Mathur DELF Junior A1
Noora Al Khalifa DELF Junior A1
Merna Mohamed DELF Junior A1
Nasik Amanullah DELF Junior A1
Zeinah Abbady DELF Junior A1
Eimaan Anwar DELF Junior A1
Saarah Malik DELF Junior A1
Lameez Siddiqui DELF Junior A1
Noor Hammad DELF Junior A1
Nada Hammad DELF Junior A1
Divya Raina DELF Junior A1
Aadish Shah DELF Junior A1
Hannah Iqbal DELF Junior A1
India Cottenden DELF Junior A1
Rajat Chowdhury DELF Junior A1
Raina Divia DELF Junior A1
Drew Kotecha DELF Junior A1
Talal Shaheen DELF Junior A1
Carey Olivia DELF Junior A2
Samuel Mendis DELF Junior A2
Lulu Al Sugair DELF Junior A2
Ann Bennett DELF Junior A2
Jude Almutawa DELF Junior A2
Manal Makhdum DELF Junior A2
Zahra Essa DELF Junior A2
Sana Pirmohamed DELF Junior A2
Iman Malik DELF Junior A2
Hafsa Thameem DELF Junior A2
Sheran Mendis DELF Junior A2
Rishi Kumra DELF Junior A2
Rishita Mehra DELF Junior B1
Georgine Botha DELF Junior B1
Mahira Essa DELF Junior B1
Aminah Malik DELF Junior B1
Amalia Lee DELF Junior B1
Bassam Al Alawi DELF Junior B2
Abdel Hilmi Laulloo DELF Junior B2
Yakim Dondi DELF Junior B2