Jan 152013
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 Shine On

In November, Year 12 and 13 students participated in the UK Maths Challenge organised by the University of Leeds. St Christopher’s obtained 4 Gold, 14 Silver and 10 Bronze Certificates.

Yasmeen  Zainal obtained a “Best in School” Certificate and Mohammed  Abul-Qassim obtained a “Best in Year” Certificate.  Yasmeen, Mohammed, Namita and  Cian also participated in the follow-up round for which we are awaiting results.

Left to right: Cian Ryan, Namita Joshua, Yasmeen Zainal and Mohammed Abul-Qassim
(Gold Award Winners with Mr Wilson)

Name Award
Yasmeen Zainal Gold Best in year and best in school
Namita Joshua Gold
Mohammed Abul-Qassim Gold Best in year
Cian Ryan Gold
Zaid Al Alawi Silver
Ali Jasem Silver
Ala’a  Albaharna Silver
Devi Nair Silver
Sampriti Gupta Silver
Vishal Goveas Silver
Sarath Pillai Silver
Angelina Plazotta Silver
Hanna Yateem Silver
Hanna Yateem Silver
Basma Sayed Al Hashimi Silver
Ashish Jalan Silver
Keerthana Ravindra Silver
Basel Al Sharaf Silver
Tamara Kawash Silver
Callum Haggarty Bronze
Khizer Zaheer Bronze
Leena Panjvani Bronze
Aleena Fazli Bronze
Mohammed Saif  Mukkaram Bronze
Nikita Roy Bronze
Hasan Alsetri Bronze
Mubtaseem Khandker Iqbal Bronze
Saumya Choudhary Bronze
Manaf Al Alajmi Bronze