Jan 152013
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Oh No It’s Not!

On the last day of term 1, a brave and enthusiastic group of staff performed St Christopher’s first ever Staff Panto. The narrators: Mr Milnes, Mr Connolly, Mr Harper and Ms Percival told the story of ‘Cinderella’, which was well received by the student audience who enthusiastically cheered and booed in the correct places, encouraged by sign holders Ms Carr and Ms Aziz-Khan. The cries for “kiss him” could be heard from the back of the Sports Hall as Cinders (Mrs Harper) danced with Prince Charming (Mr Lee) at the Palace Ball.

The Heads of Year and Mrs Rowark formed a wonderful bunch of Fairy Godmothers who ripped off Cinders’ ragged dress (cunningly Velcro-designed by Jan Wheeler) to reveal an exciting ball gown underneath. Mr Pearce and Mr Keeble formed a charming couple as Cinders’ Dad and Wicked Stepmother with their myriad of Ugly Sisters/Daughters (Mr Williams, Mr Cunningham, Mr Mulleague, Mr Shorrock, Mr Dixon-Clarke, Mr Plunkett and Mr Jardine) stealing the show Gangnam Style! Overall, the Panto was deemed a dramatic end to the term and may well become a new St Chris tradition.