Jan 152013
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Miaow to St Christopher’s Little Humans! 

You may all be wondering where your favourite cat has disappeared to recently. Well, there comes a point in every cat’s life where he needs to find new challenges and seek new horizons. We’re curious like that.

To be honest, after organising so  many productions, charity fun days, sports days and all the rest, I felt it was time that I enjoyed some peace and quiet. Therefore, when the lovely Jallad family told me they had  a sofa not doing anything in their house, I decided that they were the lucky family that I would allow to live with me. I’m not one for big goodbyes so, during holidays I packed my favourite food bowl and toy mouse and took a taxi to my new home.

I am pleased to say that the humans are settling in very well. I have obviously reserved the most comfortable spot on the sofa for myself. You will be pleased to hear that the two children who I now look after, Rakan and Jood, are beginning to be trained suitably. I have had to show them how I like my tuna served…on a saucer with a side-dish of tuna.

I have a lovely garden to explore and a fabulous new scratching post. I am sure you all remember how much I love sharp claws…hee hee. I miss you all of course, but I am enjoying my early retirement. I wish you all well and thank you for all your gifts – especially the tuna!

Work hard and watch out for any mice!

Miaow for now!


“Tom seems to have settled in to his new home quite quickly.  He spent much of his time initially walking around checking out every nook-and-cranny of the house.  His favourite spots are either our most expensive couch in the living room or mornings laying in the sun on Rakan and Jood’s rocking chair!!  He is a very chatty cat, especially at night. Thankfully our house has lots of big windows that face our garden, and day or night, he can often be found gazing through them.  The boys are ecstatic about their new big brother!” – Zein Jallad