Jan 152013
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UCMAS Mental Arithmetic Competition in Malaysia

Two of our students recently represented Bahrain at an international mental mathematics tournament in Malaysia. The competition is held every year and is organised by UCMAS (Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System).

2500 participants from over 37 countries attended and were divided into ten levels based on their ability. To qualify for the international tournament, students had to be winners in their respective countries and must also be a practicing and registered UCMAS student.

St Christopher’s Year 5 student, Sai Rama, was the Bahrain champion in the Advanced Level whilst her brother in Year 3, Sai Raghav, was the champion in Intermediate-B Level. The Bahrain team had 17 participants who competed in the championship.

Sai Rama won third place in the Advance Level, which is the fifth prize overall. What a fantastic achievement!

Each test lasted for 8 minutes and the students had to try and answer 200 questions. The first set of 100 questions (addition/subtraction) were given 10 marks each while the second set of 100 questions (multiplication/division) received 5 marks each.

It was a wonderful experience for the students and we are very proud of Sai Rama and Sai Raghav. Sai Rama said that she really enjoyed being challenged and competing against students from around the world. Sai Raghav also thought it was a great competition and it helped him with his mental maths skills.

For more information visit www.ucmas.com

The siblings were accompanied by their parents who said “The competition in Malaysia was a fantastic experience and we thank Mr McNaught, Mrs Jardine, Mr Roycroft and Mrs Bataineh for the wonderful support provided to us all”.