Jan 152013
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All Smiles for Bradley Smith

‘Wow! Best assembly ever!  ‘Did you hear the roar of his bike? Awesome!’

These were just some of the comments from very excited Year 5 and 6 children after Bradley Smith’s visit on 9 January.

Bradley was interviewed by DJ Stevie George. He spoke about his motorbike successes and the challenges coming up in his future career. It was great to see how well he related to the children. Bradley stressed the importance of safety, health and fitness and explained that his success was down to hard work and perseverance.  The children were mesmerised and hung on every word he said. Two lucky children were allowed to sit on his bike while several others asked questions as Stevie roamed with his microphone.

At the end of the assembly photographs were taken with Bradley, his bike and some of the Year 5 and 6 children. Many of them had the opportunity to ‘High 5’ Bradley at the end of the session.

‘Do we really have to go back to class now? Can’t we stay and talk some more?’

The children were buzzing with enthusiasm for this great role model and left the hall feeling inspired and motivated by his words.

Thanks Bradley, a truly great visit!