Oct 102013
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Giving a Little, Means a Lot!

The Infant and Junior Schools held their annual Harvest and Zakat assemblies on Sunday 6 October. Both the Junior and Infant Halls were overflowing with generous donations of food and toys.

For the Harvest assembly we were lucky enough to have Reverend Butt and Father Stephen come to speak to us about where the donations would be going. Reverend Butt read a story from Deuteronomy and said prayers of thanks for all the wonderful gifts from God.

The Zakat assembly had even more resonance than in previous years because of it falling just before the Eid holidays. The children learnt of the importance of giving in Islam and were told where their gifts of food and toys would be going. Giving is a blessing from God, the children were told, which put a smile on many faces!

All in all, children from all faiths learnt of the importance of giving to those in need.