Oct 102013
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Take the road to a Healthy Heart

This year’s theme, “Take the road to a Healthy Heart“, focused on encouraging children to take part in more physical activity a week and eating healthily. Al Kindi Hospital very kindly attended the day, offering advice on nutrition, measuring students’ Body Mass Index (BMI), blood pressure and blood sugar.

They also had gifts to give away, along with informative literature to advise children on how to lead a healthier lifestyle. Al Kindi wanted to get across the message that children should be more active and spend no more than 2 hours a day on all forms of technology – television, internet, computer games, mobiles.

Over 80 students and staff took part in the Multi Stage Fitness Test (MSFT) to test their cardiovascular fitness; and another 150 students and staff took part demonstrating their skills in the Rowing Challenge and in Double-Dutch skipping out in the playground. In KS3, Ali Mattar scored the highest level of 13 in the MSFT and in KS4, Joe Fellows reached Level 12. Tom Vaughan, our resident running guru, reached a PB of Level 14.8.

In the Rowing Challenge, the KS3 winner was Aamir Browne (9E), who rowed 291m in 1 minute; in KS4 Karabo Peachey (Yr13) covered 348m in 1 minute. The fastest member of staff was Nick Wilson, who reached 340m in 1 minute. Huge congratulations to everyone who took part. There was a great buzz in the Sports Hall and the playground, and the PE Department would like to thank everyone for taking part in a very successful World Heart Day. Keep fit, keep healthy and look after your heart! ~ Monika Subbiani & PE Department