Oct 102013
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Lets Play Ball 

Over 130 children tried out for the Year 5 and 6 football teams this year. The teams will be split into  a girls football team, a development squad and the football squad, with fixtures being played both locally and internationally. The teams will also be involved in various competitions, including a BSME football competition that we will be hosting in January. “I had a great time at the trial today” Hamad Al Khalifa, 6E said. “The trial was very well organised” Thomas Milnes, also from 6E, said.

Many budding Michael Jordan’s turned up to the basketball trial last week. Over a hundred Year 5 and 6 children were trialling for either the basketball team or development squad. After many lay up practices and mini games, the teams for this year have been decided. Around thirty children were chosen for the team, with this number decreasing to ten in January in preparation for the BSME Games, of which we are the current champions. “I tried my hardest and had a lot of fun” said Charlotte Pilgrim of 6A.

On Sunday 22 September, 25 Year 6 students attended netball trials after school. They showed excellent footwork, understood the pivot rule and many interceptions were made. Monday saw 26 Year 5 hopefuls attend the trials and Rebecca Lodwig was impressed with the numerous goals that were scored.